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About Us

Co-Founded by Jim Chesebro and Cyd Crouse, Tentiko was born out of the belief that people are looking for authentic, local experiences. We believe that social shifts and economic factors will bring a rise in the experience economy. Today people are seeking real world interaction. Many of us want to buy less "stuff".

Tentiko.com is the place to find amazing experiences in Denver – unique, authentic and local…because they are created and delivered by real, passionate people.

Our goal is that our guests will fall in love with Denver by exploring it in new ways. They will learn more about something they care about or explore a new passion. They will meet amazing, passionate hosts and share the experience with old friends and meet new ones.

Oh. And you want to know about the name? Of course, the short answer is that it means "authentic" and the long answer can be found here.

Our Team

We are a passionate team with big goals. We love digital, we crave experience, we thrive on building businesses and we have big dreams of building a company that revitalizes the local economies and changes the way people experience cities.
Jim Chesebro - Co-Founder
Jim’s a marketer with deep roots in technology. He’s a creator with a passion for local, authentic and real social interactions. Jim focuses on innovation and building demand.
Cyd Crouse - Co-Founder
Cyd is a technologist, an accomplished leader and a lover of authentic experiences. Cyd makes sure the team is focused on our goals and she clears obstacles to make sure we get there.
How it works
You probably want to know how we do it. You can book authentic experiences in Denver with Tentiko. Our hand-picked hosts offer a variety of unique activities, workshops and tours. Tentiko is what to do in Denver.http://tentiko.com/pages/how-it-works

What we do

  • We created Tentiko because we believe that passionate people are a blast to be around. We knew that if we created a marketplace filled with experiences offered by passionate folks there would be huge demand.
  • We uncover talent – One of the most important things we do is uncover talent. Every city is filled with creative individuals that are entertaining and informative. They’re experience makers. And we work tirelessly to find them so that their experience can be offered through Tentiko.
  • We craft experiences – We work with our hosts to make sure that every experience is uncommon, unexpected and super fun. The Tentiko experience is one that you want to tell all your friends about. That’s because we curate and craft experiences that we know will wow our guests.
  • We bring the crowd – Our hosts work hard on creating and delivering awesome experiences. Our job is to make sure that they are successful. So we market. And promote. And hustle. And do whatever we need to do to fill their experience with excited and willing guests.
  • We create tools – We love technology. But only when it’s useful. We’re constantly looking for tools that will help our guests and our hosts have a better experience. We’re always looking for great ideas so feel free to share your ideas on how we can use technology to make our ideas better.
  • We support communities – We have three: our guests, our hosts and the Tentiko team. In many ways those communities overlap and we’re just one, big “WE”. So we do what we can to do good and support the communities we’ve created. It is a big responsibility and one we take seriously.


Tentiko was founded on the idea that there had to be a better way for us to explore our communities and cities, to discover and learn from passionate individuals and to make new (offline) friends. We created Tentiko because we wanted a one-stop shop for finding and buying unique experiences that would help us explore, understand and fall in love with a city, and to connect with the people who make that place special.

We think we are enriching the lives of those around us and that makes us feel really good about what we’re doing. We believe that we are doing good work.

A friend recently said, “That which is made with love is better.” He’s a master baker of bread and was talking about bread, but we believe it to be true about anything – including our business and the experiences we bring to you. Because Tentiko experiences are created with love, they are better.

Here’s what we are doing and why:

  • We want to make people happy! Experiences can be enriching, entertaining and educational. And they give us memories to keep and share forever.
  • We’re empowering people by building a local, grassroots, cottage industry. We want to revitalize local economies and help neighbors sell to neighbors. Most of our hosts are using Tentiko to generate a second or third income. They are using Tentiko to get some extra spending cash, save for a rainy day or put aside money for college.
  • We’re building community by helping people connect with real people, face to face, in the cities where they live. We think that real human connections are critical for happiness.
  • We’re going green. The experience economy has a much smaller impact on the environment than the product economy.

At Tentiko we:

  • Say what we think and mean what we say
  • Love adventure, creativity, passion and energy
  • Are focused on moving the world forward in a positive direction
  • Always question our own thinking so we can grow and evolve
  • Like being frugal. We don’t like to waste time or resources
  • Are passionate and determined
Denver Press
We'd gotten some love from the local press. We love it and wanted to share it with you - http://tentiko.com/pages/denver-press