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Build an Indoor Box Garden

Create a portable garden for your home or office!

Category: Create, Learn

Assemble your own mini landscape by choosing from a variety of plants and fresh flowers. Class size is restricted in order to provide plenty of individual attention, the more questions that are inspired by our creativity, the more we learn from nature and each other! Plants purify our air and environment, and give us natural beauty upon which to rest our eyes. Understanding nature's rules of integration, and the individual needs of various plants (foliage, flowering, succulent and cactus), can only improve our environment and our minds, and  contribute to each garden's health and longevity.
Here’s how the pricing stacks up (all elements are sourced as locally as possible):
•Simple Box Garden (12" x 4"): $36
Includes floral foam, two 3" plants (succulents, flowering or green), moss, pebbles, fresh cut blooms and your choice of a branch or one additional 3" plant.
•Full Box Garden (7" x 14"): $47
Includes floral foam, two 2" plants  (succulents, flowering or green), three 3" plants  (succulents, flowering or green), moss, pebbles, fresh-cut blooms and your choice of a branch or one additional 3" plant.

Important Stuff!

Don’t Forget
  • Comfy shoes: You’ll be on your feet for much of this 2-hour class, so pick your footwear accordingly.
  • Clothes you hate: Wear clothing that you do not mind getting dirty because this experience involves, well, dirt.
  • Tools: Bring your own clippers or sharp scissors if you have them.
  • Use Caution: Knives and clippers can be dangerous, so use caution when working with them!!

Susannah Burley


Posey Girl

Posey Girl Floral, founded two years ago by botanically-smitten floral designer Susannah Burley, is an enchanting boutique that balances the practical with the whimsical. A destination for interactive and intriguing design, Posey Girl Floral mingles clients' needs with seriously creative inspiration. Working with Susannah is a collaborative adventure, the results of which reflect the effort and joy she takes in the creation of everything from a simple floral arrangement to a complex event.

Next date: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 6:00PM

For groups of 4-6

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 6:00PM / Large Box Sold out

Experience Details

Location: Posey Girl, A Floral Boutique

Address: 7210 West 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, Colorado

People: 4-6

Length: 2 hours

Book 24 hours in advance

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