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Learn to Preserve Fruit - With a Local Twist

Make a Jam or marmalade from local colorado fruits.

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If summer had a flavor it would obviously be fresh fruit. Nothing beats the feeling of biting into an overly plump fruit, letting a little juice drip off your chin and then devouring the rest of whatever tasty treat is in season. Problem is, fruit (real, local, seasonal fruit) only stays "in season" for a few weeks every year. The brightest among us have figured out how to save the best of summer by literally canning the goodness and storing it for cold winter days. Lucky you. We know one of those smarties and she's willing to share some secrets.

Kathy Lee is the founder and chief jam maker at Modern Gingham Preserves. She's committed to utilizing local fruits -- ideally hand-picked and sourced from someone’s garden or neighborhood tree that might otherwise go unpicked. Kathy will provide hands on instructions on how to make jam using locally sourced fruits. During this experience you will learn how to process and can the jam guided by the expert herself.

Important Stuff!

  • Minimum age 8.
  • Depending on the abundance of surplus local produce each guest should bring home 1-2 8 oz jars of their recently canned preserve. (Modern Gingam Preserves normally retail for $10/jar.)

Kathy Lee


Locally Minded Professional ‘Jammer’ and founder of Modern Gingham Preserves

Katharine Lee is the owner and creator of the preserves of Modern Gingham Preserves. She originally thought she'd become a Nobel winning scientist after receiving her Ph.D. from Northwestern University. A chance meeting with a British guy, and their subsequent marriage introduced her to her parents-in-law: lovely people who "put up" food and preserved their fruits and vegetables. After trying her luck at jarring, Kathy became obsessed. Eventually her pantry got too full, she began giving her jarred fruits away, and enough people were positive enough to encourage her to sell her preserves. Modern Gingham Preserves (MGP) is a local company. During the summer months, there are a large number of local trees producing fruit that go unpicked. MGP asks for permission from the treeowners to pick the trees, and uses that fruit in our unique fruit preserves. Thus, we aim to use organic produce from local trees, gardens, and farms (hand-picked whenever possible), If you have a rhubarb patch that goes unpicked, an apple tree whose bounty intimidates you, or any fruit or vegetables you can't use in your harvest's entirety, please contact us (kathy@moderngingham.com). We will use that fruit in our preserves, and gift back a portion of the products we make from your fruit generosity! As a Denver enterprise, MGP has made every effort to use local businesses-from the logo design and photographs taken, to the labels and jars, produce, and spices-we aim to obtain all components of our preserves from Denver based companies. When you eat our products, you know you are supporting the Denver economy, sustainable farming practices and eating something good for you.

Next date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 7:00PM

For groups of 4-10

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 7:00PM Sold out

Experience Details

Location: Napoli Tom's Take N Bake Pasta

Address: 15473 E Hampden Ave Aurora, CO 80013

People: 4-10

Length: 2.5 hours

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