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Modern Mixology

Craft Cool Cocktails with the Bill Nye of Bartending!

Category: Eat & Drink

Dust off your Chemistry 101 skills for an amazing evening of mixology and science with molecular gastronomist Ian Kleinman.

Not since Natalie Portman and Moby were a thing have the glamour and geek worlds come together in such an irresistible mashup.* Science and spirits collide in a space-age cocktail creation experience that will turn your taste buds into PhDs (Pretty Happy Dudes).
Chef Ian Kleinman uses cutting-edge ingredients like liquid nitrogen to change classic drinks into new creations. Lucky you will get to imbibe in a nitrogen-frozen margarita with jalapeno bubbles, port wine space foam, a coconut rum nitro martini rimmed with ginger sugar, and two other tantalizing sensations.
Volunteers will get to join Chef Ian in the creation of the cocktails. This laboratory of libations will be a very hands-on evening, experimenting with real science stuff (see the request to bring ski goggles, below). Tiny umbrellas – pfft!
Lest you think we'd let you leave happy but hungry, the experience concludes with a dessert tasting that's out of this world. And everyone will take home a recipe book of the drinks we created and served. Cheers to new discoveries!
*For the record, WE came up with the supercouple name Mobalie, but they've moved on, and so must we.

Check out this video of Ian in action!

Important Stuff!

Important Stuff!
  • Safety first: You will be playing with liquid nitrogen -- please bring your ski goggles or other protective (though chic) eyewear.
  • Be of age: You must be of legal drinking age to participate. Those under 21 will be turned away like a pop-up ad.
  • Safety last: Please be responsible: Arrange safe transportation home.

Ian Kleinman


Molecular Gastronomist

Colorado Native Ian Kleinman has made a name for himself in the Denver dining scene for playfully combining his culinary skills with modern and molecular techniques that include using sous-vide cooking, liquid nitrogen, and a slew of ingredients that create foams, gels, and caviar-like textures.

Ian’s goal is to change the way you look at food. A member of the Denver FIVE class of 2013, Ian believes every dining experience should not only include amazing food, drinks, and service, but an entertainment quality that makes you think about your food in a new way, as well. Watch Ian and his team at the Inventing Room mix nitrogen-cooled lemon drop martinis with blueberry caviar or whip up tableside crispy chicken wonton tacos with soy caviar and you'll appreciate his passion, his presentations, and his impeccable palate.

Next date: Saturday, June 29, 2013 6:00PM

For groups of 20-30

Saturday, June 29, 2013 6:00PM Sold out

Experience Details

Location: Stir to Learn

Address: 3215 Zuni Street Denver, CO 80211

People: 20-30

Length: 2.5 hours

Book 48 hours in advance

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